The Rehabilitation services department evaluates patients and puts into practice an individualized plan of care. Patients take an active part in their care planning, to promote the most successful outcomes possible.

Whether working with therapists, consulting with dietary specialists are participating in patient teaching and education with our care team, our residents are the most important member of the team for their recovery.

Available Therapies

  • Physical Therapy: Improving movement, strength, and endurance while reducing
    pain are some of our goals for physical therapy. Our therapists complete an evaluation and
    individualized plan of care for each patient.
  • Occupational Therapy: Improving the ability to perform activities of daily living
    through treatment and modalities is the objective of occupational therapy. Our therapists use and recommend adaptive equipment as needed to improve ADL function.
  • Speech Therapy: Speech pathologists work with communication, expression, voice, cognition, swallowing, and the improvement of those important functions.